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He then tells her that Randall ordered him to produce the English subject, one Claire Beauchamp, at Fort William for questioning. Claire nearly faints at the news. Dougal says the only way out of it is for them to change Claire's status from an English subject to a Scottish subject by her marrying a Scot, Jamie specifically. Despite her protests, he says she will be married. Claire asks why he suddenly believes she's not a spy and he motions to the spring saying that anyone who drinks from it cannot tell a lie.

What’s it like being on TV you may ask? Must be so glamorous, right? Let’s start from here. This is a very, very lonely life. It takes you to dark places and it forces you to find yourself and to define what you’re made of.  It’s about showing the world the “story” while knowingly opening yourself up to hatred and vile comments at your expense.

By her actions at age sixteen, Laoghaire paints herself as covetous and vengeful, though at the same time very naive and immature. In middle age she seems to have retained the former qualities. However, her personality in the books is presented through select points of view, primarily Claire 's, and so any redeeming qualities she may have are frequently overshadowed by her involvement as antagonist to the series' main heroine. Other aspects of her character are gleaned through brief dialogue later on. Through her daughter, Marsali , Claire learns that Laoghaire's husband was violent with her and her daughters. When Jamie approaches her years later to apologize for deceiving her in their marriage, however unwittingly, Laoghaire's primary justification for her interest in Joseph Murray, the crippled man she has taken as lover, is that he needs her, and Jamie never did.

Nobody must know about the experiments going on in Mackenzie, Idaho. The people of Kalaxzos share their secrets with only one man: an epileptic test subject named Stanley Hobbes. But when a violent seizure stimulates Stanley’s otherworldly abilities, six strangers find themselves caught in a bizarre interstellar plot. Breakfast at Hometown Inn turns to chaos when a massive metaphysical upheaval transfers six souls to different bodies. A fighter, a runaway, a cook, a barber, a rancher, a... read more

The majority of his spare time is taken up with the job of occupying his two children, but when given the chance, he enjoys attempting to play golf, cooking and losing himself in a good book.

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